The Apocalypse Choir was Dave’s 1st band. It lasted from January 1981 until December of the same year. Formed with KATERINA ELHAJ(vx/kbds),DAVE CALLADINE(vx/ukelele), STEVE MARSDEN(bass), JOHN ARMSTRONG(Guitar),R.F.TWEEDY(M.C and madness),MAUGHNAH(Oboe), KATE MUSKER(viola),STALWART(sax),KIETH WATERHOUSE(drums) and STEVE ANDREWS(guitars/bass).The band were the first band to open the now famous HEBDEN BRIDGE TRADES CLUB. in September 1981 the band toured The Netherlands, playing 12 concerts including the world famous MELKWEG. On it’s return to the UK the band fragmented and Dave and Steve Marsden formed the short-lived STONKERS.

After the Apocalypse Choir, Dave formed 2 bands, THE STONKERS and THE SPEAKERS.These bands lasted a few months each and only amassed a total of 30 dates between them. STEVE MARSDEN got married and Dave moved back to Manchester to form THE ANSWER? with PAUL COCKROFT (drums/vocals) and IAN McDOUGALL (bass).This band was the first to truly feature all of Dave’s songs.Paul also contributed material and Ian collaborated in the arranging of all the songs. In Dave’s mind it remains the most collaborative band he’s ever been involved in,indeed one of the most productive.The band lasted 3 years from 1984 – 1987. The peak of the band’s gigging career was from June 1985 – May 1986 during which time they gave 97 concerts. They were a regular act at the now-defunct MANCHESTER GALLERY and shared an apartment in Longsight, where Dave wrote over 40 songs, such was the ambience of the flat.In February 1986 the band changed it’s name to ANUTABU and recorded 4 songs in the studio: “HANDS OF TIME”, “TOO MUCH TALKING”, “TRUE LOVE” all penned by Dave and “INDESTRUCTIBLE” words by Paul and music by Dave with arrangements by the band in general.”HANDS OF TIME” is one of the songs posted on this site.In 1986 the band was supposed to go to Europe on tour but by this time the energy was dissipating and Paul left to tour Germany with another band.Dave and Ian mostly spent this time involved in their relationships and when Paul returned to the band in March of 1987 ANUTABU prepared new songs and left for France in June to tour the COTE D’AZUR. The tour was ill-fated and the band finally disbanded in July. Paul Cockroft died of complications due to cancer of the stomach in 1991. Ian still resides in the north of England.

Apres le trépasse du groupe Apocalypse Choir,Dave é¡ formé 2 groupes;THE STONKERS et THE SPEAKERS.Ces groupes n’ont vecu que quelques mois et ont amassés un total de 30 dates é¡ tous les deux groupes.STEVE MARSDEN s’est marié et Dave a redemenagé é¡ Manchester pour créer THE ANSWER? avec PAUL COCKROFT (batterie/voix) et IAN McDOUGALL (basse).Ce groupe était le premier é¡ interpreter les compositions actuels de Dave.Paul aussi contribuait les chansons et Ian participait dans les arrangements des morceaux.dans l’opinion de Dave il reste le projet oéº il y a eu le plus de créativité collectif,et certainment un des plus prolifics.Le groupe a vecu 3 ans, de 1984-1987. La période la plus active dans la vie du groupe etait de Juin 1985-May 1986.Ils jouaient regulieremnet au MANCHESTER GALLERY et partagé non seulement la musique mais aussi un appartement é¡ Longsight, oéº Dave a ecrit plus de 40 chansons;telle était l’ambiance de l’appart.En Février 1986 le groupe a changé son nom en ANUTABU.Ils sont allés en studio enregistrer “HANDS OF TIME”,”TOO MUCH TALKING”,”TRUE LOVE” par Dave et “INDESTRUCTIBLE” paroles de Paul et music de Dave,les arrangements fait de tout le groupe. “HANDS OF TIME” est une des chansons postées sur ce site.En 1986 le groupe était censé de tourner en Europe mais é¡ cette époque l’energie du groupe se dissipait et Paulest parti en tournée de l’Allemagne avec un autre groupe.Dave et Ian ont passés cette période é¡ se consacrer é¡ leurs vies personelles et lorsque Paul était de retour fin Mars 1987 ANUTABU préparait des nouveaux morceaux et a quitté l’Angleterre pour tourner sur la COTE D’AZUR. La tournée était mal destinée.Le groupe a explosé et ils se sont séparé en Juillet. Paul Cockroft est décédé des suites d’un cancer de l’estomac en 1991. Ian vit encore dans le nord de l’Angleterre mais ne fait plus la musique.


SEE LINK for history.Dave’s longest lasting band to date.Founded by Dave in 1990 with PAT ZAFRA(bass).Played as a duo until FRANCK CADET a.k.a.K.D. (drums) joined in 1991.Later joined By FRED POINT (percussion/backing vocals).Later members included THIERRY LANGE-BERTEAUX,KHOUDIR SAIDI (drums).JEROME ARMANDIE, LAURENT MOUILLET (bass).In it’s various forms the band lasted until 1999.The band also recorded 2 albums.(see DISCOGRAPHY) Of the original members,Pat lives in Val Thorens with partner Brigitte.They have 2 children. He continues to play in a blues band, but not professionally.Fred also lives withhis 2 children in Brittany,France.He too continues to play, also not professionally.K.D lives in the South of France with his wife Maryse and a daughter and plays in various bands professionally.


After the final implosion of ZAFRAMOON in 1999 Dave went to St Martin(SXM) for the first time and THE WANTED was the band he joined . Dave on voice and guitar, Pete Breen on Bass and voice,the colossal Captain Banjo Bob was the leader of this band and played banjo and voice, Popeck on drums and D.C Blues on harmonica. The band played 9 gigs with Dave including the memorable New Year’s Night at Soggy Dollar Bar, Dutch side SXM to mark the turn of the new century.

Aprés l’implosion finale de ZAFRAMOON en 1999 Dave est parti sur St Martin(SXM) pour la premiere fois où il a rejoint THE WANTED. Dave à la guitare et voix,Pete Breen é¡ la basse et voix,le collossale Capt Banjo Bob etait le leader au banjo et voix,Popeck assurait la batterie et l’ensemble etait completé par D.C Blues à l’harmonica. Le groupe s’est produit 9 fois avec Dave,y compris l’inoubliable St Sylvestre au Soggy Dollar Bar,Coté Hollandais pour démarrer le nouveau siecle.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    Met and heard you at St Maarten when I was on the Ocean Village boat. I spoke to Simon as did my daughter, and I understand he has now spoken with you.

    Tomorrow/weekend I’m going to try to download/by some of your music-you’re a very talented singer/musician.

  2. hi Dave, been a long time ! hope you still bangin them strings like ring a ding ding, know wot I mean. dont let em dangle in the dust mate ! A

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