Dave Morris a.k.a MR SKIN was born in Manchester, UK in October 1956. He is the singer, guitariste and songwriter for the band “MAYA SOUL” and a solo artist in his own right. His former bands were THE APOCALYPSE CHOIR, THE ANSWER?(ANUTABU), and ZAFRAMOON. Interests outside of music are Astrology, Football (Manchester United fan) and sci-fi (a terminal trekkie/Stargate fan). Dave also moonlights as an occasional sound engineer for other bands.MR SKIN and ZAFRAMOON in particular has toured most of Europe. Fluent in French,and some German.He has released 5 recorded projects. “Spirit Of Zaframoon(1996),”Drugs Or Religion?” (1999), “Once Upon A Time”(2010), “That Awkward Moment”(2015), and Jonah!(2018). A songwriter with over 230 songs completed so far, with lots figuring in the band repertoire. He plays most often a Gibson SG, a Fender Telecaster and sometimes on a DiArmand hollow body.Dave lives in the south of France and plays regularly both solo and band gigs in the Var area of the French Mediterranean.

Dave Morris alias MR SKIN est né à Manchester,Angleterre en Octobre 1956. Il est le chanteur,guitarist et auteur-compositeur du groupe “MAYA SOUL”.Groupes précedents:”APOCALYPSE CHOIR”,THE ANSWER?(ANUTABU),et ZAFRAMOON.Ses interets en-dehors de la musique comprennent l’Astrologie. la Psychologie,et le Football(il est fan de Manchester United)Il est aussi un grand amateur du genre science-fiction,en particulier “Star Trek” et “Stargate SG-1”. Dave fait aussi le son pour d’autres groupes en occasion,Il a tourné beaucoup dans toute L’Europe. Il parle le Français courrament, et un peu de l’Allemand.Il a enregistré 5 CDs: “Spirit of Zaframoon”(1996), “Drugs Or Religion?”(1999),”Once Upon A Time”(2010)”That Awkward Moment”(2015) and Jonah!(2018)..Il a composé plus de 230 chansons, beaucoup desquelles figurent dans le repertoire du group.Dave joue le plus souvent sur sa vielle SG Gibson, des fois sur une DiArmand demi-caisse;aussi de temps é¡ autre sur une Fender Télécaster.Ses influences musicales sont The Beatles (de loin la plus importante),Tom Petty, Spirit, Todd Rundgren,Willy DeVille et Prince Buster. Dave ecoute TOUS LES STYLES de musique et il la joue et ecoute sans prejudice.


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